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i breathe deancas




Watching: it's always sunny

a clash of kings

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feeling down?

you are the blood in my veins
Northern Wind

City and Colour - Little Hell

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Oh my love
If I could just
Find you tonight
If I could just find you tonight
Oh my love

Anonymous: number 4,for the kiss art challenge! *whispers* destiel...

Zhao Zhao - Constellation series, 2013.

When you live in the dark for so long, you begin to love it. And it loves you back, and isn’t that the point? You think, the face turns to the shadows, and just as well. It accepts, it heals, it allows.

But it also devours.


if i’m not broken now, i’m breaking here tonight


commission for rebecca


unforeseen. lomomero’ shot with/ ile çekildi: Canon EOS 550D — at Hom.

and I make no promises

I’ll wrap up my bones
And leave them
Out on the road

I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world.

happy happy happy ;u;